Technical Contract Drafting & Effective Negotiation 

Business Lawyer for Texas Renewable Energy & Environmental Services.

A broad range of environmental business clients employ us to:

  • draft or review contract terms,
  • identify pain points and negotiate for clear terms,  
  • manage all aspects of engineering, procurement and construction contracts,
  • advise on insurance, prepare risk mitigation assessments, 
  • RFP & RFQ assessments,
  • understanding land and use, or title,
  • understanding government opportunities and contracting.

Clear agreements and legal structures in Wind, Solar, and Biofuel developments.

We're uniquely skilled at business development and aligning with our client's goals because we "grew up" inside of international energy corporations.  We have always been part of commercial teams, because that's where we like to be.  We're here to help you get what you want while cultivating good will and relationships in the industry and building sound infrastructure for long run success.

When clients choose to work with Scheel Legal, they often do so because they value a direct attorney-client relationship.  We take time to understand and remember your specific needs, preferences and business culture.  We proudly serve clean energy with a qualify of focused attention that big law can't offer.  We become your champion and confidant.  

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