Austin Leads Social Innovation

Even if philanthropy were maximized in Austin it would not be enough to solve Austin's most pressing community challenges.  For this reason, many entrepreneurs and for profit companies are entering the space of creating public benefit.  Many new kinds of funding is being offered for these purposes too.

Social Impact clients rely on our sophisticated experience in business and industry.  We appreciate the creative and entrepreneurial risk of wading into uncertain waters as businesses take shape long before the bodies of law catch up.  

Since 2008, we have studied the legal trends, challenges and successes of new organizations by participating in innovative conferences focused on good business.  We are involved with the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit, SXSWeco and SXSWedu, Wisdom 2.0, Bioneers, B Corps, Mission Capital, and the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

We'd love to discuss your business plans and help you made decisions about business structures, agreements, capital, risk and liability considerations.

  • Social Enterprise
  • B Corps
  • Benefits Corporations
  • Texas LLC Modifications
  • Education, EdTech & Charter Schools
  • Social Impact Bonds
  • Socially Responsible Investments
  • Program Related Investments
  • Grants
  • Impact Capital
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