When Outside Attorneys are Helpful for Nonprofit Organizations

Sometimes the visionary behind a charitable endeavor comes up against business management and legal questions that are best met by an experienced corporate advisor.  We've helped nonprofits get setup and apply for tax exemption, hire and retain talent, create compensation agreements and organization policies, structure committee roles and responsibilities, PR, HR, volunteer matters, fiscal sponsorship, and work out conflicts within boards of directors, employees or management,

Special Fiduciary Circumstances

Charitable organizations are uniquely charged with being good stewards of public money.  This evokes fiduciary duty and responsibility to the government, donors and members of the general public.

While we hope you never need us in these times, we are experienced in investigating theft by an Executive Director, working with criminal prosecution, and rebuilding broken management systems that made it difficult to see that theft was occurring.  


  • Board of Director structure, roles and responsibilites

  • Grant reviews

  • Contracts

  • Policy Development

  • Financial Management and Compliance

  • Dealing with Fraud

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Legal Opinions

  • Insurance

  • Executive Compensation

  • Corporate Sponsorships

  • Public charity support test and qualifications

  • Reinstatement of Tax Exemption