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Make strategic business decisions.

Take sound legal action.

Secure and protect your most valuable assets.

Create legal instruments that fully meet your needs.


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We’ve helped hundreds of people turn ideas into successful businesses and soar
We love the work and are committed to delivering the highest quality legal services, quickly
and effectively - without any unnecessary overhead like most law firms.
Our clients expect excellent, responsive, reasonably priced legal advice, and we deliver.

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Front-end legal advice that saves you from making preventable and often expensive mistakes.

We see your business interests and activities through a different lens, and ensure that you have the full picture and take action before damage is done.



Attorney Kristin Scheel Downes is efficient with her time, highly knowledgable, relatable, and skilled at prioritizing needs. She has a unique ability to be principled and firm in negotiations, and with utmost professionalism. I highly recommend Kristin. You will enjoy working with her.
— Charlotte S.

At some point businesses face issues where:

  1. The law is unclear or unhelpful;

  2. Your business and relationships are too important to risk; 

  3. You're dealing in high-stakes liability; or

  4. It's time to make a significant change.

All of these things can be managed better with the help from an experienced corporate attorney.  The wisest, and often the cheapest, move is to rely on a business lawyer to stay ahead of any potential problems.  

How We’re Different

+ Modern Relationships

When we communicate regularly, our attorney-client relationship is more successful because we get to know you and hear about what's going on more frequently. But the traditional law firm model creates tension here. We offer inclusive pricing so that our relationship comes first, you have peace of mind, and you get the best advice.

+ Character

We represent your vision and values. You can count us on to bring expansive possibilities to important conversation: real-world experience, intelligence, wisdom, and an upbeat, innovative spirit.

+ Fundamental Guidance

We listen. We create a wide range of good outcomes. We make sure you get what you really need, and what will work best for your specific situation as a whole. We build smart strategies and deliver the necessary legal instruments.

+ Possibility

Our clients understand how the law helps them do extraordinary things. We’re here to brainstorm, facilitate important conversations, document, educate, and empower you so that your business thrives.

+ Choice

You choose how to work with us. We have inclusive offerings, an a la carte menu, and will honor a conventional billable hour arrangement if that feels best. We’re here for you at every stage of your business – and you’re free to move between service offerings as needed. (See plans and services for more details.)

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Here’s how to work with us

A La Carte Services

Strategy and consulting available by the hour.

Business Startup

Cooperative Association Development

Intellectual Property - Trademark Registration, Responding Office Actions, Patents, Copyright, Licensing

ESOP, Benefits Plans & Executive Compensation

Navigating Change & Disruption

Charitable Organizations

Inclusive Services

Monthly plans tailored to your specific goals.

Choose from three service offerings.

Always have someone you know available for legal Q&A.

Regular check-in conferences.

Monitoring and support for your top priorities.

Counselwise exclusive content.

Plans start at $475 /month

Company Agreements – Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations, Benefit Corporations

Pick from a menu of services to suit your needs.

Starting at $275

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Please give us a call: 541-638-9171

The first introductory call is always free.