Growth is Good

We like to think of business changes related to growth as transformation.  Yet many organizations have to work through tensions as these good growth phases unfold.  We help clients create and implement successful growth change initiatives.

    These change initiatives require legal and financial restructuring, policy creation, and buy-in from various people within your business. 

    We can help you develop innovative and creative solutions, and facilitate program development or implementation during these times.

    Growth changes can be a response, or reaction, to:

    • Rolling out new employee policies or benefits plans;
    • A change of law or new law;
    • New management as a corporation reaches a new stage of business growth, or as a result of a merger or acquisition;
    • Lessons learned in litigation or legal precedent (like a judgement against a similarly situated competitor);;
    • New investors or company values; 
    • ESOP;
    • Owner retirement or succession planning; or
    • Government agency investigation (inspiring many corporations to employ General Data Privacy Act  training).