Government Funding For Your Business

Government contracts are lucrative ways to grow your business.

The key to winning government contracts often lies in:

  • Planning and prep work in creating winning bids; 
  • Tailoring your product or service to match the government need exactly;
  • Pursuing many leads;
  • Following all of the bid instructions; and
  • Providing all of the necessary information.

Strategically Bid Federal, State and Local Government Contracts

It can be helpful to team up with other small businesses and bid the work jointly.

Federal, state and local governments often set aside 20 - 25% of all government contracts for small businesses.  When applicable, it's helpful to certify your business as a women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned, disadvantaged, or small business enterprise.

Understand Government Regulations

Government contracts allow businesses to diversify their revenues, and are often less volatile than private markets.

It's important to understand the terms and conditions of a government contract prior to submitting your bid.  Ordinarily, any exceptions to the government's contract terms must be included with your bid proposal.  The government is not open to negotiation after the project is awarded.

It's also important to understand any applicable insurance and reporting requirements, vendor or labor certifications, or other compliance issues (like FARs).

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