Advising Founders on Organizational Startup

Formation, Partnerships & Operating Agreements

Effective formation documents create the private law for your organization.  They should reflect the intentions and agreements among founders, and address common areas of law and manager liability that arise in your industry.

We help founders choose and structure the corporate form.  It's difficult, if not impossible, to create nuanced legal framework from an online legal document service.  

Too often we see clients suffer, in business or in court, from not working through the specific aspects that startup documents drive the details of your business. Our work together encapsulates your personal approach to managing business relationships and educates you on your choices in building your organization.  

If you have gotten started with legal documents you bought or found online, or another lawyer put together for you, we can help you understand whether it meets your needs and aligns with your expectations.  Give us a call!

We help clients select, form and manage corporate entities, including:

  • Texas Corporations

  • Texas Limited Liability Companies

  • Texas Nonprofit Corporations

  • Texas Cooperative Associations

  • Social Purpose For Profit Corporations

  • Texas Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations

  • Tax Exempt Organizations or Associations