Negotiating a Commercial Lease is Ordinary, Prudent & Necessary.

Texas law fails to provide adequate remedy for commercial tenants, even when the landlord acts unreasonably or maliciously.

The negotiation process helps clients understand whether the landlord is reasonable. It also protects their business and personal property.

Ordinarily commercial leases are long term and require personal guarantee of all lease payments and damages. Most of the time a landlord's initial terms do not consider a tenant's interests.

Many clients believe their realtor can or will negotiate the legal terms for them. This is not usually the case. Often we find the realtors need as much education about the legal terms as our clients.  

Our clients engage us to help them understand the meaning of key lease terms and risks, help prioritize areas for negotiation, and offer reasonable and articulate support for the changes requested from the landlord.  

We do not recommend clients sign a commercial lease without prior review by an experienced attorney.