Transferring Business Ownership

Buying a Business

Our experience with business acquisitions and divestitures ("M&A") began in the energy industry.  In private practice we've helped structure and close small and large scale deals.

Successful deals begin with defining the transaction and agreeing on the process, typically in a seller's proposal and a negotiated Letter of Intent.

M&A clients rely on us to guide them through considerations like due diligence requests and reviews, ownership of assets, intellectual property, real estate, understanding potential liabilities, payment structures, and retention of key employees. 

Selling a Business & Business Succession Planning

Don't let your business evaporate when you retire.  There are as many strategies for selling your business and structuring pay out, as there are people who may want to benefit from the goodwill you've created by building the business.  The best way to ensure you will capture one of these opportunities is by planning way in advance for it.  Give yourself time and space to transition your business.

Sometimes businesses elect to transfer the business to its employees.  There are many vehicles for structuring this change.  One trend we follow and help clients achieve is to create a worker owned cooperative. 

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