Understand Foreign Trade Rules & Laws

Clients rely on us to determine compliance with applicable laws governing international trade in goods, services, technology and capital, and create company policies and control measures.  

If you are engaging in foreign trade it's essential to identify and understand how global trade of commodities and information relates to the web of international controls including customs, export controls, sanctions and embargoes, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and national security restrictions on investments. 

Our compliance solutions consider the unique customs concerns of manufacturers, distributors, exporters, importers and their agents across a wide spectrum of raw materials and finished goods.   We will file and facilitate export license, commodity classification and embargo license applications, and advise clients on particular export, re-export and investment transactions to ensure compliance with applicable controls and sanctions.  

Develop Global Trade Policy & Deploy Compliance Training

We are also available to develop and implement internal compliance programs to reduce the risk of export control and sanctions, establish compliance policies, adopt internal training programs and measures.

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